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Openfire 3.4 Clustering Beta

During the last few years we have been listening to the community and our Openfire Enterprise customers. You all had the same question: “When will Openfire support clustering”?

I’m happy to report that Openfire 3.4.0 Beta now has support for clustering. Clustering will let you run several machines serving the same domain thus allowing you to scale your services and at the same time providing continuous service even if one machine goes down. Today we are officially starting the beta process that will last until October 31st.

Unlike other Ignite beta programs, this beta comes with benefits and important discounts for those of you that help us test the server. We had to rewrite big portions of the server, and we would like to get many people testing the server to ensure a better product. We thought these incentives might help us recruit more beta testers.

You should know that we have initially tested the server internally and even deployed it to our public servers, so this beta may be more stable than some other beta products.

People interested in participating in the beta program can read this welcome document to learn more about the benefits and discounts you can get by participating. You can find all of the information (download links, documentation, instructions, and more) in the new Openfire 3.4.0 Beta space in the Ignite Community.

Excellent news! This will make many people happy.

no, many many people

I have been successfully run the Openfire 3.3.3 on Azul Systems appliance. ( http://www.azulsystems.com )

3.4.0 beta is also up.

I really look forward to “load tests” automated scripts to run so we can compare the performance.

Hey H Akhiani,

That’s nice. Feel free to send me an email so I can send you the load test scripts.


– Gato