Openfire 3.5.0 and IM Gateway


I have just installed ubuntu v 7.10 with openfire 3.5.0. I can use Gaim/pidgin so i can message my internal users but cannot add anyone with a @msn @hotmail @ gtalk email address. I have downloaded and enabled the gateway options for these transports. When I add a contact is shows offline not authorized pending.

I have created a user in the registrations screen with my jib account , does anyone have any ideas. I have a hotmail account to test with and i can use msn fine behind my firewall. I believeits a openfire issue.


Did you upgrade the gateway plugin to version 1.2.3?

There are several plugins that must be updated after the install of 3.5 inorder for full functionallity. See the first entry of this thread: If you continue to have issue with the gateways, try stopping the server delete the existing plugin and its folder, download the new plugin, add it to the plugin folder and restart the server.

cheers for the reply, I managed to solve this in the end. it was an issue with the msn transport registrations. All sorted now and working just champion.

Can someone tell me WHERE the IM Gateway settings are now? Since upgrading to 3.5.0 (and upgrading IM Gateway to the latest) I can’t seem to find the Gateway settings.

Did you also upgrade the IM Gateway plugin to 1.2.3? 1.2.2a doesn’t work with 3.5.0. When it’s installed properly, it’ll show up under Server and there will be a subcategory of Gateway.

It is in fact 1.2.2a but I can’t seem to upgrade to 1.2.3. I just now removed the IM Gateway plugin, then went to the Available Plugins tab and told it to install 1.2.3 but once it installed it shows up as 1.2.2a again?

It sounds like it didn’t successfully delete the gateway plugin the first time. Go to where openfire is installed, in the plugins directory, and delete gateway.jar. Wait for the gateway directory to vanish. Then install the new version of the plugin. Also make sure the directory and files are owned by the user running the openfire server.

No gateway.jar file in the plugins directory but there is still the gateway folder… should I just be deleting that and try reinstalling? It looks like the problem is the plugin keeps restarting itself; it doesn’t stay online long enough for me to uninstall it.

Hrm. It’s possible something is “stuck” and the directory can’t be deleted. If you can, try shutting down the server, removing that directory, and restarting.