Openfire 3.5.0 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of Openfire 3.5.0! This major release includes a number of new features, such as the ability to disable accounts, and brand new admin interface look and feel, an easy method to connect invisibly, and a number of important bug fixes. It also includes our phase one of our easy to set up integration with Clearspace 2.0, providing users, authentication, groups, and more directly from Clearspace! You can view the full change log here.

The SparkWeb client included in the Enterprise edition has been updated too. A wealth of bug fixes and improvements have been made, including support for MUC administrative controls (kick, ban, etc) and a number of UI updates. You can use the SparkWeb client from here.

It is important that you update the following plugins with this release, as some APIs have changed:

  • IM Gateway

  • User Search

  • MOTD

  • SIP

Download Openfire from here.

Download Openfire Enterprise from here.

Download Connection Manager from here

Please keep an eye out for a blog post I will be making later today that will go into more detail about this release!


Openfire Team

It is important that you update the following plugins with this release, as some APIs have changed:

For plugin developers as me API changes are important. Are all changes listed at the following place?

Upcoming API changes in 3.5.0

Method RoutingTable.getRoutes(JID) has changed and does now take two arguments.

Yes they were all supposed to be at my other post. My apologies, I forgot about that last change you mentioned. I primarily focused on the ones I expected folk to use often though. =)

We’ve encountered a glitch in where a chat is initiated inside a chatroom but nothing appears on the separate chat nor does it record a transcript. This happens sporadically and the client has to restart his Sparks to fix this. We are using Openfire 3.5.0 w/ Sparks 2.5.8. Is anybody else having this issue?

Do you see this with regual chats as well as MUC? My users do not use MUC but have this issue with regular chats. I believe this is an issue with Spark 2.5.8 (maybe others). The issue has follwed server versions from 3.4 and up. We did not have this issue when we were using 2.5.3 version of Spark.

Be forwarned before upgrading: if you have people in your buddy list from GMAIL… OPENFIRE 3.5 DOES NOT WORK WITH GMAIL USERS… here’s hoping they find a solution soon!

Well, it sorta does, but sorta doesn’t at the same time. I can speak to users just fine for example. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of rhyme or reason to where it works and where it doesn’t. There’s been a lot of discussion on google’s own sites about their services acting up for the past week, so I suspect that’s part of it. However, there’s definitely -something- going on on our end. I can reproduce it between an openfire server and an ejabberd server.

So as long as we can fix everything from the openfire end, I guess that is all we can do.

Yesterday I downgraded to 3.5rc1 hoping that would solve the gtalk problem since rc1 was working fine for me with gtalk a couple days ago (before the 3.5 upgrade). This was to no avail, as rc1 could still not talk to gtalk properly. I am beginning to wonder if, as you said, it is something on the gtalk end of things as well.

Can anyone out there with the 3.4 series verify that gtalk is breaking? I can’t go back to 3.4 as 3.5 is the only product out there that will load my very large roster.

gtalk is working well on Openfire 3.4.2