OpenFire 3.5.2 + OpenLDAP. "Mail" field as Username


Im try to migrate from Jabberd2 to OpenFire.

My users stored in LDAP and im what to use “mail” field as Username.

All setup goes good. Im configure all LDAP setting and all seems fine and all test are sucsessful.

But then setup ask to add admin users - im add user (it is mail filed) - it is added sucsessful, BUT then im try to test auth on it - it is says that “user unknown” - and types admin\

As im understant OpenFire repleys “@” to “\40”.

Why? And how can im fix it?

P.S. Then im change mail field from “” to “admin” - all works fine.

Oh, ok. Im find in FAQ what @ is encoded to \40.

But what im must do now anyway?

As im see im running on new problem:

Im want to use multi-domain system.

My LDAP looks like this:




Multi domain is not supported yet?

P.S. And, if im have only one domain, BUT what use mail field as Username - how im must config jabber clients?

JID like: