Openfire 3.6.0a Admin Login

After a reboot of openfire my admin login failed(Admin user) and currently I’m unable to login to the admin console,

We’re using a mysql database for authentication,

Is there a way to grant admin login rights to users by editing the ofUser or other DB tables?

Preferably I dont want to rerun the setup or make changes to the openfire.xml files, is this possible by just changing the database fields.

I’ve found this post

that suggest this query

INSERT INTO ofProperty (name, propValue) VALUES (‘admin.authorizedJIDs’, ‘’);

Unfortunately the above did not solve the problem

Any solutions?

It’s possible you will need to restart openfire after changing the database.

You could also try something like this:

UPDATE ofUser SET plainPassword='yournewpasswd', encryptedPassword='' WHERE username='admin';

thanks Coolcat, that did the trick, was able to login to the admin section again.