Openfire-3.6.0a admin login

After recently upgrading to openfire-3.6.0a I now can no longer access my admin screen.

people can still connect and things sem to work fine with the exception of my admin screen.

I have tried re-seting admin password, re-setting up by changeign the openfire.xml file and even uninstalled, removed the entire directory and then reinstlled.

I am useing the RPM to install.

I am useing a MySql DB for the backend.

Any help would be wonderful

error.log (9180 Bytes)

Known problem. Have you added new users and given them “admin” status? If so, log in as that user. For some reason the system screws up the admin account when you add a new user and give it admin access.

Thanks for the info

Sadly the user that I gave admin status too cannot login either.

is there a way toremove all the other users and have admin start working again ?