Openfire 3.6.2 admin console password


I am having issues with Openfire 3.6.2 gaining access to the admin console.

I am using mysql to which I have access to the database / tables … Can someone please tell me what table or value I can delete to reset the admin password ? or if there is an easier way to re-gain access to the admin console.


Hi, you just need to add your jid to admin.authorizedJIDs in ofProperty and update your password in ofUser if you do not remember it.

hello … and thankyou for your responce however this did not fix the issue … I followed the steps listed above and additionally restarted the openfire service incase but did not work.

Any further assistance would be great



You’ll probably need to rerun the setup process by removing TRUE from openfire.xml in the config directory, restart openfire and go to the admin page where one of the steps allows you to define the admin users

I have just tried removing TRUE from openfire.xml which appeared to be working until the profile settings part of the setup where it asks

you for the current admin password before you can create a new one

I have tryed leaving it blank which did not work.

Any other idea’s ?

Thankyou for your help this far.



I dont think you can leave the password as blank. I’d suggest updating ofUser for the admin account, empty the hash field and put your new password in the plain text field and try again.

Hi John,

in resources/database/openfire_mysql.sql you can read “INSERT INTO ofUser (username, plainPassword, name, email, creationDate, modificationDate) VALUES (‘admin’, ‘admin’, ‘Administrator’, ‘’, ‘0’, ‘0’);”. So you could re-run it after deleting “admin”.



I have tryed both of these options … changing the password in the plainPassword seemed easy enough however it did not alter letting me log in.

After deleting the admin user and re-running setup all seemed fine - allowed me to continue with the default “admin” password and the password ive chosen.

however attempted to log into the admin console again and it did not work… I have checked the ofuser list again and admin does not appear ??



Hi John,

I wonder if you did start Openfire two times. Maybe you should make sure that one instance is running.

Do you have any other account which you use within your client? Adding it to authorizedUsernames in conf/openfire.xml and restarting Openfire should allow this user to log into the web console.


I am having the same problem. I’ve set HybridAuthProvider to use JDBCAuthProvider and DefaultAuthProvider, which has an override list of “admin”.

Users can connect to chat, but admin cannot connect to the admin console.

I’ve also set admin.authorizedJIDs to include admin@

John- have you gotten any further?

Thanks --Joachim

I eneded up deleting the db and starting again as I had run out of time for fixing this.

All is working well now and have made additional admin accounts if this should happen again.

Thanks you to everyone for your efforts anyway


Thanks for the reply, John. It sounds like we were experiencing different issues- I’d recreated my db many times.

In my case, I discovered that I hadn’t set up a HybridUserProvider to match my HybridAuthProvider. All is working now, except I do not see a list of users in the admin. I can search and find them, but they don’t show up in the main list of users in the admin ui. Something for another day…