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Openfire 3.6.3 and Jive SBS 3.0 integration

Hi, I am running into trouble with configuring integration between Openfire and SBS. Jive and Openfire are pointing to AD and authenticate users as it should. I have added the below parameters in SBS, used the same shared token on both, and confirmed that it shows connected. I see a component session is generated Openfire. When I login, my status shows offline. I have no idea how or where to troubleshoot this issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

jive.xmpp.domain = trx.com

jive.xmpp.commonUsernames = true

jive.xmpp.enabled = true

jive.xmpp.host = ofhost.trx.com

jive.xmpp.port = 5275

jive.xmpp.secret = hidden

jive.xmpp.XMPPPresenceEnabled = true