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Openfire 3.6.3, sip question

Hi , i’m trying openfire 3.6.3. installed on a virtual machine W2K3. I’ve installed asterisk im plugin 1.4. and mapped my phone with my asterisk server.

I have question:

can spark client and my existing ip phone works at the same time? i want that when i receive a call my ip phone ring and also my spark client show a popup. when i do a “sip show peers” my sip_username has the same ip address of spark client so my ip phone does’nt work.

And also i want that when i place a call form my spark client, my ip phone rings. this function runing well only when place a call to an offline user(right click on the offline user and then call) I hope you understand my questions…

And also presence works well but, when i place a call form spark client and immediately hang th call, my status still show me “on phone”. how can i modify this?