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OpenFire 3.6.4 + iJab + Anonymous Logins

Hello Folks,

I am new here, but I already searched my question in both iJab and here but can’t find a real solution to the following.

I have installed OpenFire 3.6.4 and iJab on a OpenSolaris and iJab runs on apache 2.2.14. Everything seems to be working fine but I have one small problem: I am unable to let anonymous logins. I want to be able to create a room, maybe a public one and let anonymous logins there.

I enabled anonymous login from Server Settings->Registration & Login.

I can login the users I already created there, but no anonymous logins. Has anybody have any experience on using iJab client with OpenFire & Anonymous logins? The folks in iJab told me that anon logins are configured at the server side…

I would appreciate any help/pointers/tips.

Thank you so much