Openfire 3.6.4 + Red5 0.1.11

hi all

i done what i was told in the documents of setting up red5 to work with openfire

but when i try to access the page, i can




Powered by Jetty://

i got http-bind working on port 7070 (default)

i changed nothing at all, all i done is enabled the servers ports it tells me to turn on if they are disabled / turn off

im just going around in loops trying to get this to work with the server

any help will be great and thank you

host info

privte DNS for local testing

centos 5.4 I386

The old red5 plugin is no more supported. Please use the new Redfire plugin.

thanks for that, going to give it a shot in a sec to see if its works or not

ok got it installed now on the server and the plguin installed into the spark client

but the redfire is not showing up at all , not when i click on an online user in my list or in my menu at the top of the program

i know both spark clients got it installed, and its shows up in the plugins list

ok got that problem fix it showing up when i open an chat box to that user, but when i try to use it i get an grayed window thats all

is there any ports i need to open up so i can connect to the server for the redfire to work

or port 7070 is only needed to be open

Redfire works completely different from the old Red5 plugin. Please read this