Openfire 3.7.0 beta Bug

I am using Openfire 3.7.0 beta and when I click the list of all users/groups in the openfire’s console, the list doesn’t come paged. All users are shown in the first page.

The server gets the users through SGBD integration. The configuration is the same as I used in the previous version.

How can I solve this problem?

What’s SGBD?

Did a google on it.

Q. What is SGBD? Is it “Système de Gestion de Bases de Données” (Database management system)?

A: I confirm that in French we use the abbreviation SGBD for ‘Système Gestion de Base de Données’ (DataBase Management System / DBMS) to which we can sometimes add R (SGBDR) ‘Système Gestion de Base de Données Relationnelle’ (RDBMS).
So I’m guessing the process of using an external database for users and groups is that correct?

LOL! Sorry, guys… yes Ninjatek, you are correct… In portuguese it is Sistema de Gerenciamento de Banco de Dados or SGBD. I use custom database integration with PostgreSQL.


Unfortunatly I’m not working with the Beta yet, as fastpath isn’t working up to snuff on it. Once I can get it up and running with 3.6.4 to my spec at my office then i’ll move into fussing with 3.7

However, and I’m sorry if is something you have already thought of, but I’d check either in the source or in th e user integration source for a missing TOP or WHERE statement (Also I’m a MSSQL guy so TOP, LIMIT, etc…)

Sorry if this isn’t much help.


could you test it with one of the nightly builds from and report whether this problem does still occur?


I tested the last nightly build (February 11, 2011) and the problem does still occur. I use the same database configuration I used in the 3.6.4 version. Is there any change I have to do in the database integration configuration? I use postgresql, don’t know if it is a usefull information.