Openfire 3.7.0 consumes too much java Memory with 139 users and I have to restart the service each time the memory is full

I need someone to help me, I have Openfire 3.7.0 running, as a download client Pidgin 2.10 and MS SQL as database on Windows 2003 Server Ent Spack 2, I have 139 users and memory day by day is consumed completely at which I fix restarting the service temporarily, today I got the memory to 1484 MB java and still is not enough, I have no chat rooms, which can not find the cause.

The users do not check against the domain controller.

I have the files openfire.vmoptions, and openfire-service.vmoptions openfired.vmoptions configured as follows:







-XX: ThreadStackSize = 1484

-XX: MaxPermSize = 1484m

-XX: + HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError

-XX: + PrintGCDetails-Xloggc: / tmp / gc.log

These are my plugins installed:


Client control

Content Filter

Monitoring Service

Packet Filter



User importExport

Thank you for all your help

Henry Banks

Did you set the system property xmpp.pep.enabled to false? if it’s not there, add it. You will need to cycle the server afterwards.

Thank you,

It seems that if it works since I did the rafter I have 6 days of not lowering the service tends to fill up the memory of java, but does not fall into any time of day does the memory dump stabilizing.

The other thing that helped me is that if I see him at the top memory very clear my Java cache, and temporary internet explorer and ready cache memory usage down to 75% if not all users are connected.

Is there any way to do this automatic?

Henry Banks

incase you dont need remove monitoring plugin as it generates lot of log…its corresponding table ofrrds size keeps on increasing too.

in case you dont require try removing the monitoring plugin…139 users is very small count