Openfire 3.7.0 with ocs 2007r2 xmpp gateway

Hi all,

I want to connect my ocs server with openfire via the microsoft xmpp gateway.

Does anybody know if the tls handshake issues have been resolved or is it still a one way communication (openfire–>ocs)?



MS XMPP Server does not support TLS and is primarily for PIC federation with Please take a look at NextPlane Federation Server ( They provide federation between OCS and OpenFire with TLS.


Hi Farzin,

Is the federation between Lync and OpenFire works with XMPP GW in TCP Dailback option? am trying to make it work, and this does not seem to be working.

I could see that OCS Gateway is contacting OpenFire, but the connection dies and the SIP request from Lync user is not reaching Openfire.

Any pointers will be very welcome!!!




XMPP GW was not designed to work with OpenFire. Your best bet at federation between OpenFire and Lync is using the NextPlane Federation Service (



NextPlane, Inc.

Mobile: +1 408-203-6349

Google Voice: +1 650 - 383-7699

Technical Support: +1 (650) 305-7404

mail to:

Extending Collaboration Through Federation

Hi Farzin,

Thanks for the quick reply, and the info. I have looked at the work done by NextPlane, it is great indeed.

Is there any other XMPP server that works with OCS XMPP GW (except gtalk, and Jabber XCP) that you are aware? I was just trying to test this GW, and the federation with other xmpp servers like Openfire; My first pick is OpenFire, and the not-successful :frowning:

Could you please tell us any other server that works with Lync federation?

Btw, what is the main reason the s2s connection from OpenFire not work with OCS XMPP GW? Thanks



Good news!!!

This works now in non-TLS mode; only thing is that, i have created _xmpp-server._tcp. SRV record that points to OCS GW host and port is 5269; So, openfire could resolve a proper ocs gw host from DNS server, and there by able to chat with ppl from OpenFire, and Lync.



Maybe this post is your friend:

Good luck!

Hi Venkat,

Does this work realiably for you, as i have it setup and it is working, its just not very reliable. some of my contacts on the openfire system do not show as online when i know they are online, and also messages somethimes seem to just go missing…

Any help would be appreciated.