Openfire 3.7.1 has been released!

The Ignite Realtime community is happy to announce the release of version 3.7.1 of Openfire! Downloads for various platforms are available here.

Openfire is a real time collaboration (RTC) server licensed under the Open Source Apache license. It uses the only widely adopted open protocol for instant messaging, XMPP (also called Jabber). Openfire is incredibly easy to setup and administer, but offers rock-solid security and performance.

The 3.7.1 release is primarily a bugfix release. Amongst others, these issues have been addressed:

  • A number of enhancements were made to the server-to-server connectivity. Server-to-Server connectivity was enhanced and a bug preventing a successful dialback was fixed.
  • Various improvements have been made to platform specific installers and scripts.
  • The Multi-User Chat implementation has received various tweaks and updates.
    The full changelog is available on the Openfire project page.

We welcome your feedback, suggestions, tips, hints, questions and other contributions in the Ignite Realtime Community pages.

Mac version won’t download…bad link.

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Yep. Same with the Windows zip package.

I’m full of RAGE!!!

I was running 3.7.0 on windows, on windows server 2008… for several weeks and everything was just fine…

A few minutes a go I saw the news and decided to update

Guess what… everything was reset!!! The users, I even couldn’t enter with the admin user (not even with the default password)…

Is this normal?!?!? To reset every thing and not even an alert for this?!?!

Can anyone please tell me what is the file(s) where is located the user database, cause I have a shadow copy of the files and I probably can restore the database…

Please I need help!!!

I’m very disappointed with this piece of software…

Can we upgrade Jetty from 7.0.1 to 7.5.1 in next release please.


Have you sorted this yet?

I believe the admin login is held in:

C;\Program Files (x86)\Openfire\conf\openfire.xml

Im not sure where the actual properties are held though?

See here,

I just restored the whole openfire directory with shadow copies…

Is there a way to update withou wipe everything to 3.7.1 ??

Is the problem with detecting terminated BOSH connections fixed?

So for the people lossing there databases, are you using external databases or the built in?

I dont know so much about people loosing their databases, it sounds more like the config settings, mapped groups, login accounts etc?

I also held my breath after the update as it kept entering into the setup and denying, that I already had a valid database on LINUX.

Turned out, that openfire.xml was owned by ROOT but should have been by DEAMON. After a swift chown everything started up again fine.

I also had to reset the xmmp domain from hostname to After this also the Kraken transports came up nicely again.

However I still dont get s2s working for the majority of targets…

If you do upgrade with the root user, then you should check permissions afterwards.

Murilo, this is not on the changelog, so there were no BOSH fixes this time. This is mainly to address the s2s issues and all the recent tests were successful. Sad to hear that it still doesn’t work for you, Harald. Report this at OF-443

As much as I’m regretting Nuno’s problems, I’d like to state that the problems he’s experiencing are not a general problem with upgrading Openfire. Things work out just fine for the large majority of users.

Issues as described by Nuno serve as a good reminder to create backups, before attempting any upgrade. I’m glad to hear that Nuno was able to restore his original setup from backups.

I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that the Openfire documentation includes an upgrade guide. It can be found at guide.html


Everything OK now, Somehow the update process and the rights problems somehow screwed up the self-signed certificate. After regenerating it, everything looks better than ever!

Nice job with this release!

Dele, OF-481

You are a shinning star. Many thanks

Wroot, you seem to have some influence around here. Any idea when the Windows zip file will be available for 3.7.1? The link is broken on the Downloads page.

My influence is the knowledge whom to bug about the problems Zip file problem is fixed, you can download it now.

Wroot, I can’t find a bug with the bug I related. Is it a known bug? Is it already reported?

Murilo, i don’t know whether your reported issue is known or filed. I have just replied, that there is no bosh fixes in the 3.7.1.