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Openfire 3.7.1+Kraken+OSX 10.6.8


First of all thanks a million to the developers of openfire and kraken. This is just a small post to let some people know of a small/big issue I have encountered with openfire and kraken on OSX 10.6.8 for many months now, and how I got around it. Hopefully it may help others experiencing the same issue or symptoms. So here goes…

A - The Issue

I had been using openfire and kraken a while then suddenly I couldn’t log in one day Maybe 10 months ago. I started up iChat and kept getting “couldnt connect to server”. I tried a million times installing and reinstalling openfire. Each time I could get it all working, but upon reboot, all failed again.

B - A Small Step in Progress

A few weeks ago, I tried removing the kraken plugin from the openfire folder, and I could get into the admin page finally, but as soon as I would load the plugin again, bam! Instant fail. I believed then the plugin was the issue. I searched and searched forums to see if others had this issue but unfortunately, only one post recently identified with the same issue.

C - My final Solution

Instead of removing things with possible conflict on my computer (which would take hours and days and weeks of troubleshooting), I tried to create a new admin account, and reinstall openfire and kraken from there. I did so, then logged into my usual admin account. Loandbehold, all is working again after many months of stress. Hope this helps someone.