Openfire 3.7.1 & Windows 2008 R2 Domain Controller

Hello I demoted my 2003 domain controllers, and I still have two 2008 R2 domain controllers running. I upgraded to openfire 3.7.1, but unable to make a LDAP connection to the domain when setting up the profile settings I get Status: Error on the test: connection settings. Can anybody tell me what is wrong? Is theere any additional roles/features I have to add to my 2008 domain controllers to make this work??? I am sure that I have the Base DN information correct.

you shouldn’t have to do anything special. just make sure your openfire configuration is pointing to your domain controller.

Can openfire work with a 2008 Domain Controller?

I haven’t had any problems. What kind of error are you getting? Is your BASE DN set correctly?

Did you have the add any roles/features? Our Spark server was working fine until I demoted the 2003 domain controllers. For the life of me I cannot figure out why…my DC=company,DC=org. I know that is correct and the host name I get **status:error **no details.

and you have it pointing to the new domain controller?

Yes, I have it pointed to the domain. I have checked my setting several times…for the** administrator dn: **I have a service account that is a part of the domain i.g. svc_chat. This account is in the administrator’s group. I know there is something different from Windows 2003 & Windows 2008 I just don’t know what is at this time.