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Openfire 3.7 user management plugins enhancement

Hi All,

Could somebody make an enhancement of the user plugin to allow roster management add,delete users. I’m not familiar with Dev. So, I’m ready to contribute with any kinds of help including money.

Thanks in advance


can you done this function from user/group - select the user and click on the “roster” in left menu

As an automatic process, I’m also looking for a way to roster users. All help gratefully received!

In my case I do not want any other users to be able to communicate with each other - but for them all to communiate with the main ‘admin’ user and Rostering, rather than groups appears to be the way to achieve this.
However, I am looking for a way of auto-creating the rostering of the ‘admin user’ to the newly created user.

I am happy to pay for development of this.


If you or someone else still finds a way to manage roster, this post may be helpful for you: