Openfire 3.70b clustering with 3.6.4

Dear All,

I try and upgrade openfire 3.70b from 3.6.4 and it runs perfectly with no problem. the question is, is there a problem using clustering plugin with openfire 3.6.4 as the 2nd openfire server? how bout the compability with new database of openfire 3.70b with openfire 3.6.4? btw i’m using MYSQL as database for my openfire server.


Hi Wildan,

currently there is no 3.7.0-beta plugin. As long as you use the 3.6.4 plugin you may get some logging problems but the cluster should work fine. We plan to update the plugin to use the current Coherence version, maybe for 3.7.0 final.



The Oracle Coherence dependency seems to be a pain for a lot of people. What features does the clustering service actually use?

Is there no free alternative we could migrate to with little effort?

I know I could just go and see the source myself, but I’d appreciate if anyone in the know could enlighten me wheter it’s worth the effort or not?


I know Coherence version 3.3.1 is know to work, but does 3.4.x work as well?