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Openfire 3.8.1 listening on UDP port 10002, why?

I upgraded from 3.7 series and my netstat cron job is reporting openfire now listening on UDP 10002.

I’ve gone through all pages in admin and cannot find any mention of this port.

What is it doing?

Have you manually verified that it is really listening on that port? I have multiple Openfire instances, and none are listening on any UDP ports (netstat -nulp | grep ).

Perhaps Openfire’s JVM was doing a DNS request and it picked up the Openfire half of that UDP communication?

I’m pretty sure I’m not mistaken here. I can consistently reproduce OpenFire listening on this port with service restart cycles.

$ [-] sudo netstat -nulp | grep 25892

udp 0 0* 25892/java


After some days of uptime, it also added UDP 10004 port. After a restart,

it’s back to just 10002.