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Openfire 3.8.1 on CentOS 6.4 (x64) LDAP setting issue

Hi guys I´m new at this forum and I arrived here with a really weird problem, well the scenary is CentOS 6.4 (x64) fresh install and Openfire 3.8.1, everthing is working properly:

Openfire is working
Mysql is working

Firewall necessary ports are open

However when I´m trying to set my LDAP configuration and I click in “test button” nothing happens, NOT EVEN A MESSAGE ERROR, I looked out for errors on log and nothing, I never used openfire on centos, it´s slight different from debian which I´m used to, can someone give some light? There is some LDAP dependency that I need to install on CentOS to be able to consult my LDAP database?

Thanks in advantage!

Well, I got no response from community, but I understand that my error was weird and uncommon, however after many pain I understoop the issue.

When you´re setting up a new openfire server probably the old one will still running, using some port so when you click on “test button” on profile setting (LDAP) it doesn´t work.

Solution, simply deactivate your old openfire server and it works fine.

I HOPE THIS HELPS A LOT PEOPLE THAT GOT THIS PROBLEM, it´s not a broken button, or any bug on software, BUT the software could at least launch a exception saying, “this port is occupied by another service”.

Thank you all anyway!