Openfire 3.9.1 and Jitsi Videobridge

Hello all,

I am trying to get this working but getting errors. Let me explain my setup and then i’ll share the error.

I have 2 Ubuntu servers This is my openfire server

IP: This is a fresh ubuntu installation


I download the zip file from jitsi website on “

Unzip it

installed the “default-jre”

run the command mentioned on jitsi website:

./ --secret=SECRET --domain='' --host='' --port=5275

on the “”, I have gone to: Server > Server Settings > External Components

enabled the service

Port: 5275

Default shared secret: SECRET

under “Allowed to Connect”

i check the “whitelist” and added the following subdomain:


Shared secret: SECRET

I get the following error on “” server when I run the above command:

SEVERE: [1] util.UtilActivator.uncaughtException().108 An uncaught exception occurred in thread=Thread[main,5,main] and message was: host-unknown
org.xmpp.component.ComponentException: host-unknown
  at org.jivesoftware.whack.ExternalComponent.connect(
  at org.jivesoftware.whack.ExternalComponentManager.addComponent(
  at org.jivesoftware.whack.ExternalComponentManager.addComponent(
  at org.jitsi.videobridge.Main.main(

Any help is appreciated.