Openfire 3.9.3 as a Windows Service

Hello, I download OpenFire source code,I run & debug successfully,Now I want to deploy it as a Windows Service,I search by google finding that it has a openfire-service file in previous version,In 3.9.3 I can’t find that file.Pls help.

It’s working like before:

Go into the installationfolder\bin and open an command prompt. Here you’ll find the file openfire-service.exe

Juste execute openfire-service.exe /install and you’re done. Now you may wanna start it with openfire-service.exe /start.

But be careful: As a service it will not communicate directly with you. So if you’ve errors in your configuration, you’ll get a service which shutdown itself immediately.

Hi ShiningDragon,I can’t find file “openfire-service.exe” in the installationfolder\bin

I run it by openfire.bat in the path openfire_src/target/openfire/bin

Exe files are only built by install4j in our build system, you can’t generate them while building from the source youself. Unless you attach your own install4j somehow. You can download the zip version of Openfire 3.9.3 and take openfire-service.exe from there. You will also probably need openfired.exe as openfire-service.exe probably runs this file.

Hi,wroot. As you suggested,I downloaded the zip version of openfire 3.9.3,after unzip,I found openfire-service.exe in folder openfire/bin,when I run openfire.exe ,it read “The JAVA_HOME environment variable does not point to a working 32-bit JDK or JRE”,by the way,My computer system is windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit.

If I build openfire by install4j,how is it difficult?

Do you have Java installed on your system?

Of course,I use Eclipse luna as development tool.Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Well, maybe you can copy the jre folder (which is usually in the Openfire/jre of the installation) into the same place of your target build. I’m not a developer, so i can’t say how to do this, i just know about how exes are produced here. Maybe install4j also adds some dependencies for other files and that’s why taking just openfire.exe doesn’t work. Your build is also produced to work with startup.bat and probably is depending on something else. You have to produce normal installation of your changed code for everything to work correctly probably, but i can’t help with that.