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Openfire 3.9.3 + Jitsi VideoBridge 1.3.1 (and 1.3.0)

Standard Openfire IM works without problems, OpenLDAP for authentication, works nicely.

Tested Jitsi Videobridge version 1.3.0 and 1.3.1. Java 7 (Oracle), MySQL 5.5, Debian 6. Openfire 3.9.3

No firewall (not in server, not in clients).

Tested OfMeet and JitMeet - problem : only my own video, audio can be seen, not my friend’s - and vice versa. Sounds like standard problem in here, but common solutions seems not to be effective. This won’t work even in same LAN (clients), server is elsewhere.

We both are using same ?r=test for meetingId

Not even chat works in ofmeet nor jitmeet.

Still from server side I can see, that both sessions are made (me and my friend) and packets are sended/received from both to server side at least.

But it seems that we are not “in same room” for some reason, even if we do have same meetingId.

Sure I get some errors to log, that MySQL -error regarding LEFT JOIN ofPubsubItem (should be not related to this, happened both 5.1 and 5.5 version of MySQL db) mostly. Also some LDAP related error, but OfMeet / JitMeet do not need authentication (so not related to this).

Where should I start to look for problem? Any additional plugins needed? Not using ICE/TURN/STUN currently (but I have 2 ip’s for server if needed)

meet.jit.si works nicely, so at least problem is not related to client side.

Okey, progress…

Openfire -> Group Chat -> Group Chat Settings must be configured also :

  • Room Create Permission -> Anyone

  • Default Room Settings -> Allow Users To Register with the room must be ON and NOT any restrictions

Now I can see from server side, that my pal is in same conference (same meetingId, using Ofmeet) with me.

  • Chat works

  • Shared application works

But Audio/Video won’t work (I can see myself, but not my pal - and vice versa). Share Screen doesn’t work either.

From Chrome console log ;

  • rayoCallback fails to errors 501 - feature-not-implemented urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas

  • all of those ; start, end

  • also colibri unregister gets same error

Where should I start fixing this? What else is needed?

Still progress…

Now rayCallback errors not anymore. Must add conference.domain also to DNS and ICE Server to local STUN (primary ip)

Still audio / video not working, neither Share Screen.

But I we both (me and pal) can see one anothers “gray shape” - so progress… but not actual image.

From Chrome console log ;

  • Strophe errors : Bad IQ type of set.

Any ideas?

me too, anyone can resolve this?

getting :

2014.07.28 19:59:12 org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapGroupProvider - Could not find user in LDAP 5f3cd20c

Also when i go to share a link with other users in Spark, it does not put the full name in EX: https://server-1:7443/xxxxx… needs to be https://server1.acme.com:7443/xxxxx

luupaa: do you have jitsivideobridge.jar version 1.3.0 file that you could send for me, or link where do donwload?

my problem is that version 1.3.1 dont work on my system, and i did update whit out knowing it will not work.

me too ,want to back to jitsi videoBridge 1.3.0 ,who available plugin jitsi videoBridge 1.3.0,can you share it?thanks very much

I’ve tested jitsi videoBridge 1.3.0 for ofmeet but I don’t see anyone during the conference, i can send you the plugin 1.3.0 but i don’t how

i’ve created an account in http://jit.si, my pseudo is samm05@jit.si, you can send invitation and i can transfert the plugin by the way