OpenFire 3.9.3 Registration Plugin 1.6.0 Not Sending welcome email to user

I have open fire user self registration enabled but once a user registers they do not receive the welcome email.

I do get an email sent to the Admin email account on the server telling me that a new user has registered so email settings in openfire are correct.

I would like to get the welcome email sent to users who register since it contains information for being able to connect to my server

Welcome message in this plugin is only intended to be sent as an instant message to a new user when he logins for the first time. Also many clients don’t even have an email field in the registration dialog (e.g. Spark, Pidgin, Psi don’t). Though some has (e.g. Gajim).

I have the registration webpage enabled, I thought the settings in the plugin for a welcome message meant that an email would be sent to the new user when they registered on the webpage. Apparently this is incorrect although this would be a nice feature to have. Since I was testing I never actually logged in as the user I was creating and never got the message I set up which I had assumed was being sent in an email