OpenFire 4.0.0 upgrade - Http error 500

Hi everyone,

i use Openfire on Windows2008R2 Server. This morning i had download and install upgrade for openfire

The install setup complete without error.

After the upgrade, when I try to open the console, after entering username and password, return the error attached

PLS Help me

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You mentioned this was an upgrade. Please be sure there are no ‘old’ files (old jar files) still found in the Openfire lib/ folder.

I have the same issue. Daryl, what “old files” should be deleted, I was under the impression an “upgrade” would handle this.

Depends on how you ‘upgraded’. If the .zip file was simply extracted overtop the old installation, that ends in tears.

No, I ran openfire_4_0_0.exe and selected the “upgrade” option. First of all a file wouldn’t copy because the service was running so I stopped the service and installation continued and finished. Restarted the service and the the 500 error and the service immediately stops. This upgrade option shouldn’t be available it it promises to break good running installations of 3.x.

Please interrogate the log files on disk and see if there is anything interesting there.

FYI, i’ve done the same upgrade option and it worked fine for me. So it works. But in your case something went wrong and we are trying to find out what. Maybe it’s not the case, but still do check C:\Program files\Openfire\lib and make sure every file in the is of “2016.01.11 08:16” modify date. Maybe running the setup with a service running first time didn’t allow it to replace all the files needed.

I just ran into exactly the same issue (almost the same stack trace, same 500 error, and same referenced file index.jsp).

I had done a manual upgrade using the .tar.gz on a CentOS box.

Turns out, I inadvertently copied the old ${OPENFIREHOME}/plugins/admin directory to the new installation/upgrade! Don’t do this… you’ll have a bad time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Copy over the entire ${OPENFIREHOME}/plugins directory except the admin directory. The new 4.0.0 already has an admin directory, and it’s been changed since previous Openfire versions.

I tested the upgrade process yesterday on WINDOWS, and it went fine.

However, in testing, I found that the installer doesn’t check to see if the openfire service is running or not. If you forget to stop the openfire service, the update will fail and cause problems.

I think the service part is a separate binary and installer is not aware of it running. We’ve added a note about stopping the service before upgrade into Install Guide a while ago (though, maybe it should be in the Upgrade Guide, but the Install Guide tells about service installation). Also, Upgrade Guide says to stop Openfire before doing upgrade. To me this this sounds like stopping everything related

Just a FYI, I experienced the same issue after performing an upgrade.

Windows Server 2008 R2

Previous Openfire 3.10.2 (installed as service)

I had started the install with the service still running, the install paused at a locked file. At this point I stopped the service and allowed the upgrade to continue.

After installation, I started the service, and while IM clients could connect to the server, the web console was presenting the errors.

To resolve, I stopped the service again, and then began the upgrade again and let it finish. When I started the service again, all is working normally.

Although it would be nice for the installer to check for running openfire service instances, it is definitely a good idea to stop the service first before upgrading. I blame myself for this little error.

I had the same problem. I stopped the service as you did, restarted the install and still had the error. I went into the C:\Program files\Openfire\lib folder as mentioned above and removed the old files. Then I installed it again selecting the Upgrade option and everything worked.

Going forward, I think it would be nice to have a check on the installer to see if the service is running for people who forget to turn it off