OpenFire 4.0.1 Recording Chat Conversation Log

I have OpenFire 4.0.1 installed with a Postgre Database and I have installed the Monitoring Service Plugin as well. Can someone tell me why the “ofmucconversationlog” log table or “ofmessagearchive” tables are not populating with Chat room conversation information. The following table “ofconversation” is showing me updated message counts but these other two tables are completely empty. I will need the “ofmucconversationlog” table information to populate into our in house CRM solution eventually so I am hoping we can resolve this issue quickly. Thanks


conversationid room isexternal startdate lastactivity messagecount

3 0 1457540752756 1457541392725 12

Update; I have figured out how to get the “ofmessagearchive” table populating with chat dialogue/conversation information which I am maintaining for 120 days; settings are in Server Archive Settings. This should suffice but I am wondering how to get the “ofmucconversationlog” table logging chat dialogue/conversation information as well without enabling archiving if possible. Progress none the less…