Openfire 4.0.1 + Xabber => Can receive messages but can't send


I am having an issue with Openfire 4.0.1 (Windows+MySQL) using Xabber client on Android.

Here the problem :

User “A” connect and send message to user B

User B receive it and answer but user A dont receive the answer until user A relog (or after waiting for 40-50 mins).

In other words, Once logged the first user initiating the conversation is working properly but the receiver becomes unable to answer.

I’m pretty sure it’s server side problem because i can see all messages (from A and B) in openfire archive.

Anyone have an idea on what’s wrong… any helps would be so much appreciated !

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Are both user A and B connecting to the server with the same XMPP servername/domain configured? Such that user A connects with and user B connects with userb@ or something like that?

Hi Daryl,

Yes they are connecting with exactly the same parameters : usera@domain.tld and userb@domain.tld.

I tried with usera@serverIP and userb@serverIP but i get the same problem.

And in additionnal parameters i need to add host informations (with IP and port) because i dont have a local DNS.

Please help

Xabber was the problem… Now i’m using Conversations and it works

yEs xabber problem .

Im use xabber client