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Openfire 4.0.2 search for all user returns nothing


i’m experimenting a strange behaviour with Openfire 4.0.2 using an Openldap server as users database; in particular when i perform the search for users from the client (Pidgin) and i want to retrieve the list of all users, using the wildcard , the query returns nothing. Instead when i look for a specific user or when i just insert the beginning part of a user uid the queries work fine, showing me the correct results. Looking at the slapd log on my ldap server i noticed that probably, in the case of all users query, the ldapsearch string includes the string “2A” in place of the ""; performing the same query manually with the ldapsearch command i have the same result (nothing) instead substituting “2A” with “*” i find the expected results.

Moreover downgrading to Openfire 3.9.3 with the same configuration (same db) the all users query from the client works fine.

So it’s possible there’s a bug in Openfire 4.0.2 version? What do you think?

Thanks in advance,

ps: let me know if you need further info on my configuration


We noticed the same behavior.

Searching for users, using an wildcard (*) within OF when configured with LDAP does not work anymore.

This is probably related to this change OF-779: fetching from LDAP should escape results. All search criteria are escaped, also the wildcard characters.

[OF-1226] Enable use of wildcard when searching users in LDAP - IgniteRealtime JIRA