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Openfire 4.0.3 Debian Jessie Oracle Java issues

Hi! I’m about to perform a fresh install of OF 4.0.3 under Debian Jessie, but despite I’ve already installed Oracle JRE8 (update-alternatives --config java There is only one alternative in link group java (providing /usr/bin/java): /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java), it says that " openfire pre-depends on default-jre-headless (>= 1.7) default-jre-headless is not installed." Can anybody please help me to get rid of this? I was running OF 4.0.2 before, and didn’t have that issue. Thanks in advance!

Greetings, sorry for this trouble. This will be changed in 4.0.4

OF-1177 more options to satisfy .deb requirement · igniterealtime/Openfire@bd55f4d · GitHub

Do you think that change will work? We continue to look for knowledgeable Debian folks to help us with cleaning up our packaging!