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Openfire 4.0.4 manage users and groups in LDAP

I read tons about this question in this forum but i am not clear about that, because this i expose my case:

I have installed Openfire about 6 or 7 years ago in a little business with about 20-25 users distributed about 4 sites/headquarters, i have installed Spark and Miranda in a windows computers and all users have in your spark messenger 4 groups with users inside in each site like this -> (group site1->user1,user2,etc) (group site2->user1,2, etc…) and each user can communicate with each user in the business through groups/site, i install this about many years ago and all users and groups about each site are in LDAP windows. When i have a new user, i create in a Windows DC and add to group/site and automatically i have a user in Spark in group/site i add, i not make anything more about this

And now, i install a new Openfire 4.0.4 directly in a Windows DC 2012 (maybe too risky???) and i configurate LDAP to DC and its working good, i read all users and all groups, the Spark clients i change the server to connect a new server and login good and i see in the server connected, but… i can not configure this spark clients ¿?? if i go one by one spark and add users one by one its working, but i can not to say to 25 users how can add and organize the other 25 users, and in a “users lists” in panel Openfire web i can go one by one users and configure one by one add users but its a more heavy work, i can not make a template or simply add groups/site in each user, if i can add the four groups in each user i’m satisfied

Please i’m impatient to hear ideas on how to handle this case :frowning:

Thank you for all your ideas

PD: I want see my old config but now i can not enter to admin because another problem

Go to Users/Groups -> Groups in the webinterface. Choose one of the groups and go to the section called “Contact List (Roster) Sharing”. Make sure " " is selected and mark “Share group with additional users”. A list with all your groups should appear now and “All users” should be selected. Click “Save Contact List Settings” and repeat this for all the groups.

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Thank you Michael for your support a thousands of thank you but unfortunately i wanted to do this from the beginning but I can not, the error that I have nothing else to enter into groups is “Not allowed: the group account system is read-only.” and i can not share group with additional users :frowning:

I read tons about that and i’m not secure if with ldap config can i make this config, anybody can somebody tell me if that its true ¿???

As far as i understand this error has nothing to do with your problem. “Not allowed: the group account system is read-only.” means that your connection to the LDAP server is read-only. You can(and should) not change any configuration on your LDAP server from the openfire webinterface.

One thing I forgot in my previous answer: Did you enter a contact list group name?

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here is how I manage my groups. You set the groups and rosters up once, and then you can manage the rest via ldap/ad

How to Setup Authentication Groups with LDAP/AD

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Thank you Michael and Speedy, i love you both :-), this night i try another time with howto of speedy :wink:

It’s strange because the groups and AD its the same that i have before and working with and old versión of Openfire in a Centos5, the only that i change its an W2003 SRV to a new 2012R2, @speedy Do you have a 2012 AD ???

Finally works, i thing that is because my groups are “universal”, i change to domain the group and now its workink and i can populate the groups to all users

Thank you boys and merry christmas !!!