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Openfire 4.1.3 [Incoming Session Data/Messages Not Processed After Internet Down Brief Time]

a problem / a bug?

Openfire not process / no receiving data from “incoming session” stream after internet down for a brief time, example: internet down for 1 minute. (called this stream as “incoming stream 1”).

Then internet UP again after 1 minute, and other jabber server still sending data to that “incoming stream 1”, but openfire not process or not receiving any of that incoming data.

This problem cause: we don’t receive all the messages from other server until other server create a new stream “session” with us (other server only create new session if old session is idle for 15-30 minutes or by that server setting)

So if other server not create new “stream” session, we lost all our incoming messages during that time.


After thinking a while, i don’t know the problem is openfire or other server who sent the message. Possible story:

  1. openfire should resume to “incoming stream 1” after internet up again?


  1. other server who send message to us, should check “incoming stream 1” is still alive or dead? if dead then create new stream?

above story is about server to server, this link is similar story about client to server:

Dead connections, message loss, and outdated presence