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Openfire 4.1.4 + Debian 8 + Plugin Search


I’m using Openfire 4.1.4 on Debian 8, it’s a clean installation and i’m having some trouble with the Plugin ‘Search’.

I’m using Spark as client, the last version, when i use the search field a new windows appears but he doesn’t find anything…

Already tried reinstall the plugin, restart services, server…

Anyone with this problem?

What is your xmpp domain (shown on the home page of Admin Console)? Do you put the same name as Domain in your Spark clients? Is the Search window really completely empty or does it show a search service name on top (which should be in the form search.yourxmppdomain)?

My xmpp domain is ‘it.local’, Server Host Name (FQDN) is ‘im.ti.local’, yes, i use the same domain when login on the client (spark), the search windows is with search service search.it.local

Works fine for me. Are you sure the users you are searching for exist on this server? Check the server logs at Openfire\logs\all.log

And also Spark logs (not sure about your OS for clients, but on Windows it is at C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs)

yes, they exist…

The only thing i found was in Openfire Web Console / Logs / Debug:

is this helpful?

Not sure if this is related to search.

Look at that:

Is from debug.log , those entries appeared when i made a search in spark, i created 2 users, probe and probe1, then i searched for ‘probe’, to me, looks like openfire have found something, but in spark nothing appears

Can you show the screenshot of Spark? I have no clue why it fails for you. What database do you use?



I did a clean install of the last version of spark but the problem persists

So, what database are you using? Can you search for users in Admin Console? Users\Groups > User search

Might be this [OF-1284] Search in clients do not work with standalone database - IgniteRealtime JIRA

I’m using Mysql

Mysql version:5.5.55-0+deb8u1,

Spark 2.8.3, Build 960, Smack Version 4.1.9, JRE Version 1.8.0_121

Debian 8

I can search in admin console without problems…

About the link you shared, it seems to be a very similar problem…

How can i get the Search.jar version 1.7.0 for test purposes?

Last message here Search doesn’t work


I downloaded and install this version, but, unfortunately don’t worked with my openfire…

Is there anything else that i can do know?

What do you mean by not working? Search is still not working? Well, i don’t have any other solutions. Someone has to look into this and provide a patch.

When i used the version 1.7.0 the menu Appears with a strange name and when i opened it,it was a blank page, without content…

i understand, well if someone need any test i’m at disposal…

I just tried it on my 4.1.4 and it worked fine. The menu is called Advanced User Search actually. You should stop Openfire and remove the jar and its folder from openfire/plugins before dropping in the 1.7.0 jar.


This is what appears to me,

I stopped the service, deleted the old folder/.jar file and uploaded the 1.7.0 version

Do this again, just rename the jar to be search.jar

I did that now, the plugins was successfully installed, but in Spark the search still doesn’t work