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Openfire 4.1.6 released!

New version, but not even a news on frontpage…

Well, I saw this on changelog:
[OF-1340] - Create x64 Windows Installer
[OF-1349] - Create separate Windows installer with and without JRE

Where are those installers?!?

Oopsy, I shall work on fixing that today

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It is not on the front page as we have just migrated forums to Discourse and front page is still pulling blog posts from the old forums. This needs time. This community is only moved forward by a few volunteers, so don’t ask too much. It will be fixed eventually. X64 installers are not official, but as some of has done work on them it was added to the changelog. Daryl has linked my post with links to installers and feedback thread. We need more feedback on those installers before putting them on Downloads. They work fine for me, but testing by only one person is not enough.

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