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Openfire 4.2.0 Beta Release

The Ignite Realtime Community is thrilled to announce the availability of a beta quality release of Openfire 4.2.0. Downloads of release artifacts can be found on our beta release website and a changelog denoting 60 some Jira issues resolved is available as well.

So what has changed with Openfire 4.2? A lot! Some highlights:

  • XEP-0237 Roster Versioning
  • Server to Server (s2s) is more robust
  • The websocket functionality, previously in a plugin, was merged into core
  • The Admin Console now has a Pub-Sub administration interface
  • You can now manually test a Server to Server connection on the Admin Console
  • XEP-0198 Client Resumption is now available
  • A lot of polish and new handy functionality was added to the Admin Console
  • Openfire plugin loading is much more robust

Here is a listing of sha1sum values for the release binaries

f6b69035c848c7555d2710b26efbb6a927e86175  openfire-4.2.0-0.2.beta.i686.rpm
4142b5baf024b603949b64f3896964ed4dcab196  openfire-4.2.0-0.2.beta.noarch.rpm
eb6e993e2ea185da235a9039b227a676d96210a0  openfire-4.2.0-0.2.beta.x86_64.rpm
ffcf842fd9a64741140bfdde560c952a34db08a9  openfire_4.2.0.beta_all.deb
5077b1283d91e23880148fc9891a18af02fb5c68  openfire_4_2_0_beta_bundledJRE.exe
c6108509b29fb8339f444e0b766d212818560465  openfire_4_2_0_beta_bundledJRE_x64.exe
8c68a07c1933754af2042bc5cd76e2545a2bcdd6  openfire_4_2_0_beta.dmg
551015e80cf4a001a6f97deda869cbdde8f7151f  openfire_4_2_0_beta.exe
aff23069cac31aad0ee902077fd8cd4f85ea3c1f  openfire_4_2_0_beta.tar.gz
b8255d7d7cd06a35f3bf12cc38d3473aa34669a5  openfire_4_2_0_beta_x64.exe
ed53cb92966f8e21e373afcca491dd3e1b70bb7e  openfire_4_2_0_beta.zip
b380d386c2f3b4007dc9755648c579b984b52389  openfire_src_4_2_0_beta.tar.gz
f814b17f00084ef904959b3241044cf63981ece4  openfire_src_4_2_0_beta.zip

Our current intention is for a quick turnaround of this beta into a full release, so please do test it and let us know of troubles you find by either visiting our webchat or creating posts in our Discourse Openfire Dev Forum.

A big thanks goes out to our current developers for doing a lot of work to make this beta release happen. These include @dwd, @guus, @gdt, and others now submitting pull requests to our Github Repository. A special thanks goes to folks at Surevine who have been actively supporting Openfire development.

For those interested in development, here are some current talking points of where development stands.

  • A large whitespace pull request was made against the master-branch, which is now the 4.2.0 beta. The intention of this was to not frustrate all of you that maintain forks of Openfire :), but to make future Openfire contributions easier. The code base should now follow the Editor Config guidelines and so your IDE should be able to focus better on actual code changes and not fixing whitespace issues.
  • At this point, there is not much appetite for an additional 4.1 branch release, but that could of course change. We’d like to get 4.2.0 out the door, then branch master into a 4.2 branch and then focus on moving forward with 4.3 development and stabilizing 4.2 branch with a 4.2.1 release.
  • master branch continues to support building with ant and maven, with Install4j artifacts built from the ant side. We like to consolidate on maven, but work needs to be done in this area. Please consider contributing if you have maven/install4j expertise!

And in closing, please consider helping out with development. The needs are many, but some particular areas of interest are:

  • improving Openfire’s LDAP implementation
  • Bringing core functionality like Multi User Chat (MUC) up to current specifications
  • Vastly improving Openfire’s automated testing

We are an easy going bunch and I personally love chipping in to help out. We all hang out within the groupchat each day, so stop by! If your organization relies on Openfire, please consider helping out!

Hopefully everybody enjoys the beta release and we can turn around a full release shortly, thanks for reading and your support of Ignite Realtime!


Hooray! Ee… where are x64 installers for Windows? :slight_smile:

And you can’t even download the 32-bit one. 404 error on Github.

This works for all installers https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/releases/tag/v4.2.0beta

Sorry, are we all happy now? I needed to add options to the beta download page :frowning:

Thanks installing to check the new features love to know about them

Hi team, one question for you, in this release will we can do screen sharing? because i implemented openfire in my organization, now we need make screen sharing in video conference, you know any plugin that i need install in our server?


That’s a client’s feature and this post is about a server. There is Openfire Meetings plugin for Openfire which had screen sharing in older versions, but as far as i know not in the latest version so far.

It sounds like you are asking about OFMeet plugin that uses Jitsi Meet. That feature may or may not find its way into the plugin. This is due because Chrome requires a custom extension based on individual user domains https://github.com/jitsi/jidesha

The latest openfire meetings chrome extension (now called pade) has a generic screen share and the latest jitsi-meet web app. It is a full jitsi meet client and works on any domain. It is also compatible with the Spark meet plugin.


I just updated to the beta, everything works fine, client logins, but when I try to enter on the admin page, with the admin account, I can’t login !!! I didn’t change the password!!! It sound like a bug… I already made a search and this can happen randomly after updating…
Can anyone help me?!

What error does it give? Anything related in the logs? Are you using LDAP integration? Internal or external database? I have been installing alpha versions and then beta and haven’t run into such issue.

Well, it certainly was a bad installation that prob overwrite some things on the database. I also lost chat history!!!
I reverted to previous installation and no problems at all… didn’t had the time to test it again. But this is not the first time that I have this problem, of breaking current database!!! It happen some times, after a update…
Why there isn’t no x64 zip file in the installer files to make a manual installation?!

It was the x64 installer and it was the internal db.

Well, as I’ve said i haven’t experienced such issue myself yet (x64 internal db, windows). There might be various factors in your case. If it happens again, create a new thread in the forums and provide as much info as possible. If it is not happening to most users and there is no known reproduce scenario not much can be done.

Don’t know why there is no zip x64 version (same with tar.gz for Linux). But zip version is not very popular according to download numbers. Maintaining such number of various installers is already cumbersome.

There is no need for a 64bit zip version as it is just bundling compiled java and not including a JRE with a given 32/64 arch nor any launchers that are either 32/64 bit.

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