Openfire 4.2.0 ldap issues

I couldn’t connect to our DC which is 2012r2 after upgrading to openfire 4.2.0. I have redone the openfire server which is running Debian 9. What do I need to post to get a hand fixing the issue?

Review your log files, found in the logs/ folder to see if there are any clues as to what is wrong

Nothing in the logs is jumping out at me. Seems like alot of database setup but nothing with ldap.

feel free to zip up your logs/ folder and send them my way for review or make sure that you are not seeing this issue

Nothing interesting was found in the logs for this new setup.

did you make sure the account you are using to connect to AD is not locked out?

The account it not locked out.

I’m out of ideas with any logs or additional data. cab you run wireshark or to make sure openfire is able to reach your dc?

Somehow out of the blue and by some fluke I have it working. I wish I knew why or how but I don’t