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Openfire 4.2.1 Security Settings option is missing under Server Settings


I have openfire 4.2.1 setup and running and I am able to send chats from my clients. I want to enable TLS. A quick google search gave results asking me to go to “Server Settings”->“Security Settings”, but I am not able to find “Security Settings” anywhere. It looks like a simple configuration issue or some plugin is missing. Please help me with this.


If your clients are using BOSH or WebSocket, you need to ensure Server Settings -> HTTP Binding has an SSL port defined.

If your clients are using plain-old XMPP, you need Server Settings -> Client Connections -> Advanced config and ensure that STARTTLS is optional or required, and your “Mutual Authenticaion” settings are set correctly.



gdt is right. Your search results were for some older version of Openfire.


Thank you! I found the settings as suggested above!