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Openfire 4.2.2 Autostart at System Boot

I have installed Openfire 4.2.2 on Windows 7 with SQL Server 2012 on the same machine and using Spark from my network.
The problem is Openfire service is installed and set to Automatically start, but it isn’t starting at boot time and i have to manually start the service every day.

Please help me on the same.

If both SQL and Openfire are on the same machine i guess SQL takes longer to start and Openfire couldn’t start then. Ideally SQL shouldn’t be on the same machine and shouldn’t be restarted along with Openfire. If this is a testing environment, you will have to live with that. If that’s your production server, you can script some scheduling task to start Openfire service a few minutes later after PC startup. Also, check the logs of Openfire at /logs/all.log I think you should see errors about database not being available in there.

yes this is a production server, how to schedule Openfire to start Openfire service a few minutes later after PC startup

Google Scheduling Task Windows Start Service, etc. It’s a trivial task and not specific to Openfire.

can you describe what exactly i need to do.

I mean i understand that i need to schedule the SQL Services or need to schedule Openfire to start after some time.

First make sure this is indeed the problem, check the logs. If you see errors about connecting to database, then it is your problem. Then you should leave SQL as it is and only create a task to start Openfire’s service. Set Openfire’s service to manual and create a Windows Scheduler task to start Openfire’s service at some point after your PC starts when SQL is probably up and running. Can’t say for sure, you will have to test and find what time interval is enough.

I got it.

Thanks for the Solution.