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Openfire 4.2.3,1 Active Directory connection error (FreeBSD 12)

So on FreeBSD 12 i had install Openfire 4.2.3,1.
And in setup wizard i can not connect it to Active Directory.
Always got error connection.
The log says about it nothing.

BTW, the 4.2.1 version work well with the same AD connection settings.

The settings like this (AD test.int)

Host: test.int
Base DN: ou:Users,dc:test,dc:int
Administrator DN: someaduser
Password: somepass

Ok, i had check 4.2.1 - the same problem, does not work with AD.

for administrator dn try using someaduser@test.int

also, for host, try pointing directly to a dc…

Already done.
No effect.
It seems that system does not have some packet to work with LDAP

That’s formatted incorrectly. I’d expect it to look like:


You’ve specified a username, you need to specify the full DN for the user. Probably something like


It may also be worth trying to login to your AD LDAP with a LDAP browser, such as JXplorer as that will take the same BaseDN, user details. Once you’ve got it working on JXplorer, you can use those details in Openfire.




good find on the format! totally missed it