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Openfire 4.2.3 Release

The Ignite Realtime Community is pleased to announce the availability of Openfire 4.2.3. This release signifies our continued effort to provide a stable 4.2 series release while work continues on the next release of Openfire.

The changelog denotes the full listing of Jira issues addressed in this release. Of note, this release fixes the regression of inability to update plugins from the admin console.

Here is a listing of sha1sum values for the release binaries, which can be found on our download page.

a469ba44e962d31bad74d47133fc45b6229a44a3  openfire-4.2.3-1.i686.rpm
0ef044976e27bc13576ddc4ffd28dd1e26240046  openfire-4.2.3-1.noarch.rpm
9e3fe913a4de7644d3d0ec614086db0ab4a39c63  openfire-4.2.3-1.x86_64.rpm
ed6ce37bf335520fdd8928b04a716d22481908fc  openfire_4.2.3_all.deb
d4e025c7cdf67327119b56c249d34c04e7347d84  openfire_4_2_3_bundledJRE.exe
f875d55fcdb35700378640af203880080fedfc9f  openfire_4_2_3_bundledJRE_x64.exe
18c14e0784ddd6e05b2dac6d06c4ba9c3726361b  openfire_4_2_3.dmg
82ea13f16ef9b44154d0c7c0588e0acf2defff78  openfire_4_2_3.exe
868e05c7b9be84f7d6b834ae6b7e3b405e9f8055  openfire_4_2_3.tar.gz
dcff9422c9f06fbf17fac504ec7978ab385f4602  openfire_4_2_3_x64.exe
b12dbe4959af0e9217445fa1bd4c7564ced2d833  openfire_4_2_3.zip
bdd9b2405dc965612a728f186b678276e4efe585  openfire_src_4_2_3.tar.gz
409d3ba6578c0af5d35777c9ad6bcf35b269893b  openfire_src_4_2_3.zip

Please let us know of any troubles you find by either visiting our webchat or creating posts in our Discourse Openfire Dev Forum. Thanks for using Openfire!