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Openfire 4.3.0 alpha

Hi experts,

Is 4.3 version meant same as 4.2.3?
We are currently using 4.2.2 and we are facing duplicate message issue which was fixed in 4.3 as mentioned in this url.

So little confused about version, if I upgrade openfire from 4.2.2 to 4.2.3, will it solve the issue?


I don’t understand the question. 4.3.0 should be released as a beta very soon. 4.3.0 is newer than 4.2.3

Thanks akrhez. @akrherz

So the fix for duplicate message is in 4.2.3 ver. Which is already available or it is in 4.3 ver. which is yet to be released?

@guus any update?

The issue (ticket) you mention is fixed in 4.3.0. Which is not released yet. That’s how software development works. Bugs are being fixed and marked for a future version, then at some point this new version is released with all the fixes that have accumulated over time and then new fixes are done for the next version. Nobody is releasing new version for every single fix, usually. Btw, the ticket you have linked says the issue originated in 4.3.0 itself (during development), not in 4.2 series. So, i’m not sure if this will fix your issue.

Alpha and beta versions are not advised for production environment. If you have a test server or you are brave enough, you can try the current alpha version or wait for a beta. If you can specify the OS you are using, i can give you a link to a specific alpha installer.

Thank you wroot.