Openfire 4.3.0 Beta Release

The Ignite Realtime Community is happy to announce the availability of Openfire 4.3.0 Beta. The changelog contains an extensive list of enhancements and bugs fixed for this release. We hope you are able to test this release and let us know in the Openfire Dev Forum your findings. We hope to turn around a full 4.3.0 release within a few weeks after community testing.

You can download the release from our Beta Downloads page. Please note that the MacOS-X dmg distribution has a bug where the preference pane will crash. The crash has us baffled and could use interested OS-X folks chipping in to fix it.

The sha1sum checksums for the release artifacts is as follows.

eae4138076ad913979830b6f60d08de069a0cbb5  openfire-4.3.0-0.2.beta.i686.rpm
99a4dcec2b2974d5e84cb77c7371dcd5654553e8  openfire-4.3.0-0.2.beta.noarch.rpm
e3c584d6224f3d4b5267f598e07adcb18672383a  openfire-4.3.0-0.2.beta.x86_64.rpm
f0ff14e59e9d7f6a901da6d3faa38499aa13e541  openfire_4.3.0.beta_all.deb
9d208caf825981051d7667adeece509e5198672b  openfire_4_3_0-beta_bundledJRE.exe
00e4add6ce0e00f9da327a3518a26c67a19ccee8  openfire_4_3_0-beta_bundledJRE_x64.exe
6779702d73cc34ebfb6e91670ad3126a4a477774  openfire_4_3_0_beta.dmg
d42684526bff723468e36b020c2aa1f43333cb6f  openfire_4_3_0-beta.exe
02fc337b5831b552136366105e70dd8870dc4105  openfire_4_3_0-beta.tar.gz
85a1b551551430c71e7aec66d232e3e77bee7074  openfire_4_3_0-beta_x64.exe
9787a34ed405ba8d1b19518847a492e20831d9d9  openfire_src_4_3_0_beta.tar.gz

Thanks for your interest and please test the beta!


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