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Openfire 4.3.2 port 9091 not working

I have Windows Server 2019. I try to connect on openfire to web interface to http://localhost:9090 or or http://myserver.prague.cz:9090 is working.

But https://localhost:9091 or or https://myserver.prague.cz:9091 does not working.

I try change to number 9090 to -1 on conf (stop service then change conf then start service) - not working.

Next I try change certificate keystore SSL RSA. After change SSL - port 9091 does not working.

Thank you for your help.

9091 is for encrypted connection. Use https.

I try to https:// - does not working.

Check the logs at /openfire/logs/all.log
Maybe something is using 9091 on your system. Check with netstat -a or Tcpview of 9091 is available and listening.
How do you run Openfire, via service or with a launcher?

I try to change port number:
access to http: 11111 - working
access to https: 11112 - not working

to same as:
access to http: 9090 - working
access to https: 9091 - not working

I runned Openfire over automatic runned service.

I try stopped services and launch openfire server dialog:

Openfire 4.3.2 [16. 2. 2019 0:34:08]
Administrátorská konzole naslouchá na:
Successfully loaded plugin ‘admin’.
Successfully loaded plugin ‘search’.
Finished processing all plugins.
Error starting 5222: null
Error starting 5223: null
Error starting 5275: null
Error starting 5276: null
Error starting 5262: null
Error starting 5263: null

Logs can have some insight.

alllog.txt (255.8 KB)

Do you use Openfire with or without Java bundled? If you are using version without Java, what Java have you installed on the server?

Also, when you run it with a launcher, you have to run it via Run as administrator.

I try to installed on other type setup with Java included x64 then I am happy because https is working.
Thank you for help.