Openfire 4.4.0 Beta Release

The Ignite Realtime Community is thrilled to announce the promotion of a beta quality release of Openfire 4.4.0! Please test out this release and let us know how it goes by reporting your feedback in the Community Forums. We’d like to turn around a formal release sooner than later!

So what’s in this release you ask? The Changelog denotes many Jira issues resolved. Much of this work is thanks to @guus and @gdt! The highlights include:

  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes around Openfire’s caching. The administrative console now provides a detailed look into cache usage as well as the ability to selectively remove individual cache entries.
  • Improvements to Openfire’s stability and performance whilst in clustering mode.
  • The Admin Console will now show software versions, whenever possible, of the remotely connected client and server.
  • Java 11 should be fully supported and usable with this release. This includes using OpenJDK.
  • Plugin loading should be much more robust and the Admin Console now reports more information about the plugins loaded along with better UI interaction whilst updating plugins.
  • Openfire makes heavy usage of Apache MINA and Jetty, both of which libraries have been updated for this release.

Here’s a listing of sha1sums for the release and you can find the downloads here.

b44a621f491b33d35d138b8a9d1c041558dacf8f  openfire-4.4.0-0.2.beta.i686.rpm
ddb4871e2dbb83b10d4d6e227869f0294253d8f8  openfire-4.4.0-0.2.beta.noarch.rpm
172c9aa94353717d824bfdf13741a9be614f7e54  openfire-4.4.0-0.2.beta.x86_64.rpm
72b4ab488fb7a0116482fbb53709887b41213377  openfire_4.4.0.beta_all.deb
ceb8f315e6327d34887685b7630eba273202cf5b  openfire_4_4_0_beta_bundledJRE.exe
3e5e384d3677da30f9817a10474c75579f6b606d  openfire_4_4_0_beta_bundledJRE_x64.exe
9ff49a74679a14156c3331c7bc5ff64ed7ab8635  openfire_4_4_0_beta.dmg
4bbe3de332c44fd046ad078a7f86717611baead5  openfire_4_4_0_beta.exe
5a8cfd20a99c9c41ca6ce1a21017e36950540c36  openfire_4_4_0_beta.tar.gz
214c211b8be412c0ff75c8f59b9ce3f0bfd8d248  openfire_4_4_0_beta_x64.exe
759dc5ad17aee48cd7eecbd6b8656abd4f9f2d63  openfire_src_4_4_0_beta.tar.gz

Thanks for your interest and usage of Openfire! Our live group chat is also useful to swing by and let us know how the beta is going for you! We are always interested in folks wishing to help out with development. Please stop by and say hi!