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Openfire 4.4.1 Release

The Ignite Realtime Community is happy to announce the promotion of release 4.4.1 of Openfire. This release signifies our effort to stablize a 4.4 branch of Openfire while work continues on the next feature release. A changelog exists denoting the 14 Jira issues resolved since the 4.4.0 release. This release should behave better with clustering enabled.

You can find downloads available with the following sha1sum values for the release artifacts.

bb6a6aabfac41d1615efc21d4d6bbf8d5b7ae473  openfire-4.4.1-1.i686.rpm
9b53d9785de7860868ee1e7d08ab66f1e7555672  openfire-4.4.1-1.noarch.rpm
17d76ae3f3da0579ca86ea514ae2a9962d5cd233  openfire-4.4.1-1.x86_64.rpm
6f0997af32aec39cf7250e1ede05f6ee010eb7fc  openfire_4.4.1_all.deb
64fa7f2fd6566ed204cba44ba88aa53d416bfb05  openfire_4_4_1_bundledJRE.exe
d99fd9d1753e5dea56df9db1d2e137b3a6660201  openfire_4_4_1_bundledJRE_x64.exe
3a09fe7480760cacf0e164363d718b893fbff995  openfire_4_4_1.dmg
0778df4566dc1f002f13c19865130c8b746d5540  openfire_4_4_1.exe
b3ebd42455d538867a01a4708bc03196c65b29f4  openfire_4_4_1.tar.gz
409c3e7a5ca477daeb3c11e88e31ac529f543666  openfire_4_4_1_x64.exe
b3d7c26e992ca0ef82aab962a0f2570ba33e539c  openfire_4_4_1.zip
940a2ee60a129a9ccdaf2f07bddcbc595bda9865  openfire_src_4_4_1.tar.gz
59db7e008c0ee76976343f484c706d268382b6c4  openfire_src_4_4_1.zip

Please let us know in the Community Forums of any issues you have and we are always looking for folks interested in helping out with development, documentation, and testing of Openfire. Considering stopping by our web support group chat and say hi!

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