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Openfire 4.4.2 MUC with jabber

We have setup MUC rooms on openfire server and have external users connecting using jabber. Internal users connected with LDAP can connect to MUC rooms and send messages perfectly. External users connecting to server however can browse the rooms and seem to join the rooms however as soon as soon as they try to send a message jabber client display an error stating message can not be delivered. In addition if an internal users invites the external user the persons name appears in list of occupants and then disappears within a second.

We have turned on login using XML debugger and And notice error 400 related to presence when the external user first joins the room and then when they send the message the log displays and error 406 and the message sent is written within the logs however never displayed in MUC chat window. We have looked at various settings and can not seem to figure out the issue.

On caveat is that if internal user initiates a group chat a new non persistent room is created and they are able to connect perfectly. But MUC rooms do not work.

This is puzzling. Some of the details that you provide are ambiguous. Could you share some of the snippets of XMPP that you collected with the XML debugger please?

I will try to get some logs but not sure if it will be possible.

However we think we may have narrowed down the issue based on XEP-0045 - Entering MUC Room description of error 400 JID-Malformed and behavior may be due to no nickname being specified. In addition after reviewing the jabber configuration for external users we noticed they did not have a nickname field/attribute specified in their Jabber configuration.

Thus they never join the room properly which results in error 406 being displayed when they type a message in MUC room.

Without more details I obviously cannot check if what you are saying is what is causing the issue that you’re experiencing, but it sounds plausible.