Openfire 4.4.4 has many unclosed mina's NioSocketSessions leading to OOM

We are using openfire 4.4.4, there was a OOM issue and when we analyzed the heapdump, we could see the so many unclosed NioSocketSessions.
Is there any known issue with the Mina version 2.1.13 used under openfire 4.4.4?

I’m using Linux and JDK 1.8.

Please attempt to reproduce this issue with the current release of Openfire 4.5.2 or better yet, with the beta in your development/staging environment. You are likely not to find help with fixing leaks with older releases of Openfire.

The version being referred to, is only half an year old. All that the OP seems to be looking for is some direction as to whether there are known issues resolved around this area.

Hopefully someone might be able to help?

There are so many Ping messages in each NioSocketSession. All the Ping messages has the “from” and “to” pointing to same JID. Is that possible?

Do you have stream management enabled for these sessions? You may be hitting bugs with sessions not being closed when stream management is enabled. This issue is perhaps now fixed in the 4.6.0 beta, or try disabling stream maanagement.

Hi akrherz, Thanks for the reply, we have checked the stream management is disabled from server side.

The issue was with the network or hardware slowness from the client side. The client box was having network, filesytem issue that causing the slowness in client processing the xmpp events and eventually result in piling up the buffers in openfire. There were 2500 clients and each one sinding the ping request once in 3 seconds, that tells why we have somany ping requests piled-up. Apparently there is no memory leak from openfire.