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Openfire 4.5.0 is Released

Happy 2020 everyone! The Ignite Realtime Community is thrilled to announce the promotion of Openfire version 4.5.0. This is a feature and bug fix release with a number of Jira issues closed denoted in the changelog. We are thankful for the issues found by community users during a beta testing period of this release. If you find any problems with this release, please let us know in the community forums or drop by our web support groupchat.

So what’s in this new release? First, you will notice a new login screen on the administration console like so:

Manassé Ngudia did the excellent work to move the admin console to use the Bootstrap library for a responsive design. With this foundation, we hope to move more parts of the admin console to a responsive design and thus render more favorably on mobile.

@guus and @gdt did heroic work, as always, to squash a number of bugs and greatly improve LDAP support. If you have had trouble in the past with Openfire + LDAP, please consider testing this release out and let us know how it goes!

You can find Openfire release artifacts on the download page and with the following sha1sums:

b4d8d77701d6524a4d26c4e8a6cba82f6e5d9d68  openfire-4.5.0-1.i686.rpm
01b583d27ea8d644376588e7226be0ad93d8d728  openfire-4.5.0-1.noarch.rpm
6bc54cf3de57e7359143ab8f6ff015b191c4e898  openfire-4.5.0-1.x86_64.rpm
4e1bd74d0140178936dbb39f076b9817d2bfe945  openfire_4.5.0_all.deb
36a0ee7d4cc44d18524c5540bcba5af6e133fcc2  openfire_4_5_0_bundledJRE.exe
959441b2cd18b62861e14d4fea705ae57f8f6361  openfire_4_5_0_bundledJRE_x64.exe
fe9cebfb37eb126416aed3438b9aa28b796a987c  openfire_4_5_0.dmg
c4c900dbb4607a1f1eed8cce2e18fa4b2509bf52  openfire_4_5_0.exe
c4cf10939a9b573c3eee4637a7b8f38f3b4305b9  openfire_4_5_0.tar.gz
ceeb49bd51e6ae555e3dadf193b1ed2da811f959  openfire_4_5_0_x64.exe
da0050d284089331241ca023d40d2c382e37bfd9  openfire_4_5_0.zip
df4e0905ab52b0b1d4fea344ee4efe0ed119674d  openfire_src_4_5_0.tar.gz
85ee3714a05db13e1ad2967c6e6fde0c1d52269f  openfire_src_4_5_0.zip

With regards to future development plans, the master github branch has been marched toward a version 4.6.0 snapshot with a 4.5 branch created to signify an intention to produce followup bug fix releases of version 4.5.0 released today. At this time, there is no plan for a future 4.4.x series release.

We always could use more folks pitching in and helping out with documentation, testing and development! Thanks for your interest and usage of Openfire!


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