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Openfire (4.5.1) does not acknowledge group presence, so I cannot see the group or messages in that group

We have had this issue for a while and thought that upgrading to 4.5.1 would fix things, but it has not. We have the situation where a user (member of a group, or owner of the group, it does not matter) logs in. The client sends the presence packet for each room they are member/owner of, and the user appears present in some groups but not in some. If we reboot the xmpp server the user appears present into ALL their groups just fine.

This seems related to: OF-1433 or OF-677

Our experiment:
We have an IOS and an Android client connecting to an XMPP server. When “it breaks” a given user (for example emily123) logs in from iOS and gets into 5 of the 6 groups she has, but one of them is never acknowledged by the server so she is never logged into that one. We log in as emily123 from the android app and she can connect into all the rooms. Then we reboot the XMPP server and she can log into all her rooms from both Android and IOS.

The difference between android and ios is the resource. She appears to the server as follows:
emily123@host.com/mobile - for Android and
emily123@host.com/ios - for IOS client.

So we thing that somewhere in the presence handler something goes wrong with the user+resource+chatrooms.

It is hard to reboot the xmpp server every day to minimize the problem, need to understand where to investigate and possibly how to fix this issue. Thank you.

The issue that you’re describing is not something that I recognize. I’m thinking that the cause is more subtle than the details that you provide. Without doing an in-depth analysis, it’s hard to give advice on what to do. An in-depth analysis is not something that I can personally spend time on anytime soon, though: my plate is to full as it is. You might want to reach out to one of our professional support partners to see if they can help you analyse this issue.

Thank you @guus totally understand the time factor. I am willing to debug a bit myself as well if you can provide any guidance of what to look for. Currently I’m extending the restAPI plugin to add a debug call so I can retrieve a user and the MUC rooms that the user is in. It’s a start!

Is there anything else you can recommend: Presences, Sessions, etc… Anything or any object/entity that might track why a particular presence was not recorded or acknowledged back to the user?

Thank you for your time.