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Openfire 4.5.2 is Released

The Ignite Realtime Community is happy to announce the availability of Openfire version 4.5.2. This release resolves a number of bugs including a long standing issue of the Japanese Translation (OF-1966) not being available on the admin console! The release signifies our effort to stabilize a 4.5 series release while developing the soon to come 4.6.0.

You can find download artifacts available with the followng sha1sum values:

5e4011517d2d445a3816cc772c02ade5ed42bdde  openfire-4.5.2-1.i686.rpm
726b9f7f49876684ab7d8afd9c268f6d1ed59606  openfire-4.5.2-1.noarch.rpm
fedfefe709dde35042e1c73fc2be959e87fb499a  openfire-4.5.2-1.x86_64.rpm
b03cb01d937e2c499d585e2b9438a1fee7d864d4  openfire_4.5.2_all.deb
90b75516257bac311f7fad4e3bd4061d57757135  openfire_4_5_2_bundledJRE.exe
d77b515a0c272844c1a4d41dbf3a3c37dd9fd3f9  openfire_4_5_2_bundledJRE_x64.exe
20b0ee0839c7563c2bf9729bbb975816d8189588  openfire_4_5_2.dmg
4c5b7be4cc80fad95db404e71b5e50d4f36ef6a2  openfire_4_5_2.exe
38bcf3b4ac19effa30187047535b7d9400140aaa  openfire_4_5_2.tar.gz
e793882c17ba9b3b4ba1469e17de09e0c5bef9ee  openfire_4_5_2_x64.exe
148a478327c569f6ee36b36096482a466a530137  openfire_4_5_2.zip
654884e8ebe2ffe111d28f8e3595dbcc3c84d7d7  openfire_src_4_5_2.tar.gz
085e6050105ff085dab5979d68c5cc74436d9e13  openfire_src_4_5_2.zip

For your curiosity, here’s an accounting of the number of artifact downloads for the 4.5.1 release of Openfire made back on 31 January.

Artifact Count
openfire-4.5.1-1.i686.rpm 866
openfire-4.5.1-1.noarch.rpm 1688
openfire-4.5.1-1.x86_64.rpm 5581
openfire_4.5.1_all.deb 12024
openfire_4_5_1.dmg 1717
openfire_4_5_1.exe 5954
openfire_4_5_1.tar.gz 3855
openfire_4_5_1.zip 1463
openfire_4_5_1_bundledJRE.exe 1725
openfire_4_5_1_bundledJRE_x64.exe 11227
openfire_4_5_1_x64.exe 15170
openfire_src_4_5_1.tar.gz 138
openfire_src_4_5_1.zip 160
Total 61568

As always, a big thanks goes to @guus for his heroic development efforts of Openfire. Please give this a release a try and stop by our support groupchat to let us know how it goes. Hopefully a 4.6.0 beta release is not too far away, so if you are in a position to test master branch / nightly builds, please consider doing so!

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